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Recycled Brooms

These handsome brooms utilize 100% recycled plastic bristles for the broom brush. The dark bristle color is typical for recycled polypropylene. The bristle ends are feathered to increase contact with the floor and to improve sweeping efficiency. The length of the bristle is designed to provide the proper amount of flex when the broom is in action. The handle is made of sustainable 15/16" diameter wood to assure a firm, ergonomic grip. Dinuba Brooms are made in California by artisans with a century old broom making tradition. You won't find a better broom anywhere!
Dinuba - Recycled Kitchen Brooms

The Kitchen broom is a full sized broom with bristles made of 100% recycled plastic. Available in blue, olive, and red the Kitchen broom is sure to clean up any mess in and around your home.

Click here for available color options and details.
Dinuba - Recycled Lobby Brooms

The Lobby broom is reduced in size and handy for those little situations when a full sized broom is not needed.

Click here for available color options and details.
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